Figures and facts
year’s experience in building
realized house projects
square meters of houses
LIGHTHOUSE accomplishes all the works to project, erect and service premium -and business class wooden houses.

We use only the best timber
We select only high quality, produced along the classical Finnish technology glued laminated timber.

High standards of quality
Modern equipment, unique high-tech materials, skilled personnel.

Care for client
Individual approach to every client. We reveal your wants and attempt to foresee your expectations.

25-year guarantee
Ordering a house in LIGHTHOUSE Co, you get a 25-year’s guarantee!

There is to building process without waste
Cleanliness and accuracy at the construction site. After the working day is finished, our builders clean the site daily!

Unique designs are
thought over in details
An individual design house is like a tailored suit. Everything is done for your comfort. Taking into consideration the way of life and wants of every member of the family, we create space in which you can breathe easily.
We find out your preference and put into practice the interior of your dream. Everything is worked out in detail – up to door handles and elements of décor. Enjoy everything you touch.
Comparison of different
types of houses
LIGHTHOUSE Co offers building of wooden houses out of glued laminated timber using the best Finnish timber. Up to now houses out of glulam have shown themselves to advantage, and are considered the best solution in our climatic conditions. Wooden constructions of houses out of gummed beams are nice, durable and energy saving.
Architecture freedom
Prompt construction
Good microclimate
Glued Laminated timber houses Log houses Brick Prefab Panel houses
More than houses.
Complex approach
To enjoy life in houses out of glued laminated timber for long years, it is necessary to pass the way from idea to its effectuation. LIGHTHOUSE is an experienced guide on the way. You tell us about your wishes and get - a ready-made house- this is the way we understand our work.
We accomplish all types of works – from working out a design to maintenance, from document preparation to improvement of the territory. Trust us your castles in the air, and soon you will be able to touch them.
We build the future
Every house with its sounds and scents, with people and their emotions is entire universe. With the course of time, an ordinary building transforms into a place where family legends exist. Probably building your own house will become the beginning of your new history. We are glad to be privy to it.
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After you have sent your order, our specialist will contact you in the nearest time possible and will answer all your questions.
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