How an ideal
house is built.
Secrets of creation
of ideal houses out
of gummed beams.
We take care of
reliability at each stage.
So that your house serves properly for several generations of your family, we pay special attention to its reliability starting from designing.
After the design is approved, all constructional details are factory finished with high precision equipment. We thoroughly trace the quality of wood and conditions of its processing.
The Lighthouse system of control guarantees that only quality materials are delivered to the construction site in precise compliance with the design.
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Security and comfort.
A wooden house for permanent habitation is a choice in favour of health.
Being aware of this we use only natural ecological materials.
We manufacture gummed beams along the classical Finnish technique. A board is divided into small segments –lamellas, out of these fragments without defects are scrupulously selected. After lamellas have been selected they are spliced and assembled into a beam of the required length devoid of defects and internal strain. This is an ideal material for the country house.
Getting of a high quality gummed beam is possible only under condition of strict observance of dimensions along the whole length of the feedstock. This requirement is met due to high precision equipment and automation of the beam manufacturing process.
Time of delivery and logistics
Factory manufacturing of the house assembly takes about a month. Finished details of your house are packed into special polyethylene at the plant to protect them from impact of the environment. First, materials for construction of the foundation are delivered to the site, then the wall assembly and only in the last turn materials for the roofing pie and interior (stairs, doors, windows) are brought in.
A house out of gummed beams can be erected in any season. Stages of a wooden house creation out of gummed beams are interconnected, that is why Lighthouse has worked out its own methodology for organization of delivery and construction. By this we provide for continuity of construction and guarantee quality at any stage.
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Stages of creation
of an individual design
Foundation is the base of any construction, its arrangement is one of the most crucial stages. Durability of the construction and safety of habitation depends directly upon correct calculation and quality of works for construction of the foundation.
Erection of walls
Walls in the house out of gummed beams fulfill a bearing function. To achieve the best result laying of beams must be geometrically precise. Walls are erected by means of consecutive laying of beam layers bottom –up, in every 80-120 centimeters dowels are driven into the beam to provide for firm adherence of the parts at insignificant shrinkage of the house.
After walls are erected the roofing construction is mounted, then it is covered with the material of your choice. The roof covering protects from precipitation and cold, and determines to a large extent how the house is warmed in the sun.
Windows and doors
Windows and doors can be mounted right after erection of the house out of gummed beams. Since insignificant shrinkage of the house takes place, a two- centimeter interstice is left when mounting, while lateral sides of the box are mounted along special guide casing.
These are sort of arteries of a dwelling house, it is impossible to imagine life in a modern country house without them, they provide for comfort of your accommodation.
A gummed beam inherently is a smooth material with a pleasant texture and natural flavor. Trimming frequently is grinding of walls and impregnation with protective composites. Gummed beams can be painted any colour, including composites which preserve the wood texture.
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Quality control.
Beside the permanent control over the building process Lighthouse has a system of internal acceptance of works. Each stage of house erection is accepted by the construction superviser who evaluates all the works accomplished as to their compliance with the State Standards and building regulations as well as with more strict standards of Lighthouse.
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