We‘ve been building out
of wood for 10 years
Combining advanced knowledge and practical experience,
we create for you perfect houses out of gummed beams.
Lighthouse today.
Today we on our own accomplish all the works to design, erect and maintain wooden houses. The list of works may be long and varied. We are often asked to set a swimming pool, make a landscape design, develop an area. We take upon ourselves all the troubles on the way of realization of your idea. Knowing our clients well, we always try to anticipate your expectations!
Lighthouse today is a well-established body of engineer and technical personnel. Their experience and skill help to confidently solve even unconventional tasks. We actively study and use modern technologies, we are well equipped technically, and – what is the main thing – We are all ears, present and focused – for the benefit of our customers. Thoroughly examining your needs, we try to offer an optimal solution of any technical or organizational problem.
We understand that building of a house is an important business, so we care about reliability at each stage. We will help you to build a house for your great grandsons to be proud of!
25 year
More than
realized houses projects
We value your time and money, therefore we use only quality, manufactured along the classical Finnish technique gummed beam.
Ordering a house in Lighthouse you get a guarantee for 25 years! Over 300 families are already living in houses from Lighthouse. “Geography” of ready houses includes Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Tula, Vladimir, Kazan, Samara Regions.
Lighthouse is an official representative of the Finnish company Kontio, which is the world leader in wooden building. In our company you can order a house from a Kontio plant in Finland or choose an analogous design out of quality Russian material.
Why we are trusted

Exceptional material. Finnish techniques

We use only gummed beams manufactured along the classical Finnish technology.

Prolonged term of guarantee

We are sure about the quality , that is why we give a 25-year guarantee for all works and materials.

High standards of quality

We build in accordance with state standard specifications and building regulations, at the same time we accept works considering our own heightened requirements to quality.

Customer care

We reveal your needs and try to anticipate your expectations. More than 300 families have already evaluated advantages of such an approach!

Transparent contract and cost accounting

Transparency at each stage is our principle. We guarantee that a detailed cost accounting you get will stay the same during the whole building process.

Complete information from the construction site

24-hour video broadcasting from the construction site enables your remote control the course of works.

Co-operation with Kontio

For connoisseurs of the premium quality houses out of polar pine, manufactured at the plant in Finland. Our specialists have the necessary qualification and are certified for erection of Kontio houses.
We know
all about wood
Part of Lighthouse company group is Sequoia Co which is glad to offer more affordable houses out of shaped beams and cylinder logs. Switch over to the site to know more.
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Agree to personal data processing
After you have sent your order, our specialist will contact you in the nearest time possible and will answer all your questions.
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